Académie Sino-Canadienne de Kung Fu

Grandmaster Fu Zhen Song (傅振嵩)

Fu Zhensong was born in the district of Xinyang, in the Henan province and was very interested in martial arts as a teenager. His first contact with martial arts was the Chen Taiji style with a teacher who as a direct student from the Chen family in Chenjiagou. A short time after this, Fu Zhensong initiated studies in Bagua with Ji Fengxian, direct student of the style's founder, Dong Haichuan. Fu Zhensong traveled throughout China in search of the best martial arts teachers he could find and in this way became a great friend of Yang Chengfu, Taiji heir of the Yang family. They exchanged experiences on the basic principles and theories of Taiji, confronting both the Chen and Yang styles. Later Fu Zhensong also met Sun Lutang and with him shared information on fencing, Taiji, Bagua and Xingyi.

Using his experiences as the starting point, Fu Zhensong created different Bagua techniques (Yin Yang Palms, orthodox and dragon, tuishou), the Taiji Fu style, a style known as Liangyi and techniques/forms for the spear, saber and broadsword.

Because of his experience in martial arts, in 1929 Fu Zhensong was invited by General Li Jinglin to become part of the group of instructors for the Nanjing Central Academy branch in Canton. Along with him, Gu Ruzhang and Wang Laishen were also invited.

Fu Zhensong died in 1953 and his son, Fu Yonghui became his successor.