Académie Sino-Canadienne de Kung Fu

Grandmaster Huang Han xun (黃漢勳)

Huang Han xun (Wong Hon Fan - 黃漢勳) Born in the county of Shunde, Guangdong province (Canton), Huang Hanxun was Luo Guanyu’s most famous student and became known in Hong Kong as “the praying-mantis king”. Huang Hanxun entered Hong Kong’s Jingwu Academy in 1932, first as an employee and later as one of Luo Guanyu’s student. He also studied other martial arts styles with other instructors.

At the age of 20 Huang Hanxun was encouraged by his teacher to open a school in Macao. After doing this, Huang Hanxun went to the Jingwu branches in Hankou and Wuhan (Szechuan). Although he demonstrated having a great deal of confidence, Huang Hanxun did not learn the entire praying-mantis system; Luo Guanyu believed that the understanding of the system was acquired through the development of combat abilities and the correct execution of the forms. The problem was that Huang Hanxun wanted to insert some modifications in the forms and in the method of teaching but his young age represented a problem for the young master.

Excessively discerning with his school and his students, Huang Hanxun only taught his disciples; the newer students were taught and corrected by the older students, until they themselves became disciples. Nevertheless, Huang Hanxun focused his attention on favorite disciples, teaching and correcting forms, strength and explosive force (fajing).

There are many contradictory facts about Huang Hanxun’s relation with other branches of seven stars praying mantis. He did make a substantial contribution in the form of over thirty books and a dozen articles, but this was done without ever dominating them as seven stars praying mantis, but as Praying Mantis of the North (Bei Tanglang).

Although he was bad tempered and severe, Huang Hanxun trained over 4,000 students since he became Jingwu instructor. Huang Hanxun stopped his teaching activities in 1972 and died in 1973