Académie Sino-Canadienne de Kung Fu

Grandmaster Sun Lok Tong (孫祿堂)

Sun Lutang,(孫祿堂) also known by his given name: Sun Fuquan, was born in 1861, near the city of Baoding, in the county of Wan, Hebei province, a famous martial arts center. His father, a humble farmer, died a few years afterwards leaving Sun Lutang and his mother destitute; desperate and ashamed. Sun Lutang tried to hang himself, but because this was not his destined fate, he was not successful.

He began practicing martial arts with a master called Wu, in a style derived from the Shaolin monastery (Hong quan) and in the practice of Qigong. With his mother's approval he went to live and work for a prosperous uncle to help support her. Sun Lutang learned handwriting and because of his abilities, one of his uncle's friends presented him to Li Kuiyuan, a famous Xingyi practicioner, who immediately accepted him as a student.

Sun Lutang trained every day with Li Kuiyuan and learned quickly. Having nothing further to teach, Li Kuiyuan took Sun Lutang to Guo Yunshen, his master. Guo Yunshen was amazed at Sun Lutang's skills and immediately accepted him as a disciple. Moving to Beijing so he could learn more and more, Sun Lutang met Cheng Tinghua, direct student of the founder Dong Haichuan and his master's friend. Sun Lutang then became the direct student of Cheng Tinghua and studied with him for a few years.

In 1914, Sun Lutang met Hao Weizhen, creator of the Taiji Wu style, and saved his life when Hao Weizhen became ill while visiting a friend in Beijing. Sun Lutang took Hao Weizhen into his home, medicated him and treated his illness. In gratitude for Sun's care and goodwill , Hao Weizhen taught him his Taiji style. His mastery and experience with these great masters made it possible for Sun Lutang to develop his own Taiji style later on.

Sun Lutang is not remembered today only for his martial arts combat qualities, but also for his work in promoting, compiling and decoding martial arts;

1. Sun Lutang believed people should practice martial arts to: improve their health and quality of life, for self-defense and for the protection those who are close to you;
2. He was the first to open a martial arts school for women only;
3. Sun Lutang left several books on the basic principles, techniques and forms of Xingyi, Bagua and Taiji.

Sun Lutang taught at several places, including at the Guoshu Central Academy in Nanjing, at Li Jinglin's request, and was responsible for training several teachers. Sun Lutang died of natural causes in 1933, and left his daughter, Sun Jianyun , as his heir and main representative (1913-2003).