Académie Sino-Canadienne de Kung Fu

Women and Seniors are welcome in all classes.

If your child is under 11 years old, please read this article:      

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Free Introductory Class
Detailed information is not given over the telephone. Our schools character is best reflected through a free introductory class, we will provide you with complete detailed information, scheduling, program outlines, and information.

Private classes require an interview.

Académie Sino Canadienne de Kung Fu
(514) 402-0027

15748 Blvd. de Pierrefonds H9H 3P6 (Near Akhavan Supermarket)

At APEX gym


* Come for a free trial class at any time in our schedule *

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Chuan

Mondays 20:00 - 21:30h and Thursdays 19:30 - 21:00h