Académie Sino-Canadienne de Kung Fu

Our proposal

The proposed objectives of our academy will seem bold to some, but I must remind all that Martial Arts is first of all a challenge, just like real life!

But what is Martial Arts and what is it used for nowadays? Is it the art of fighting? or defending yourself? is it good for your health? Or maybe it's good for the mind since it psychologically empowers us? Some say it's something from the past, others that it is a sport and some even devise their own martial art.

People are commercializing martial art and incorrectly developing the notion that martial art is about sensationalism, violent confrontations, and unrealistic fighting skills. Too much emphasis has been placed on power and fighting skills and too little importance on the mental and health benefits of practicing a martial art and some are saying that styles like Tai Chi Chuan is only meditation. Martial art is balance!!

The Sino Canadienne proposal is to continue in the traditional way, in the "old school " way.

Tradition is a martial art taught and learned in an academy, with a master that has experience in Kung Fu styles.

The tradition that knowledge is passed from the master to the practitioner gradually, so that the student will have time to assimilate and analyze what is being taught.

The tradition to understand that every style has its form and a unique nature in developing and using our energy, and that these are things that cannot be mixed.

These few things are enough to achieve the things that so many people look for in a martial art, things like: patience, perspicacity, strategy, tranquility, wisdom, capability, daring and, of course, winning.

I know of nothing more traditional, bold or in fashion than to be educated. There are very few people who do not seek knowledge and wisdom and I don't believe these people would be incapable of realizing a dream if they persisted and and had the will to fight. I don't believe there is anyone who is incapable of realizing a dream if they persisted and had the will to fight.

When I mention "fight", it is not in the metaphorical sense, because life is something we fight to conquer, a struggle with opponents, adversaries, competitors and sometimes even with alies.

Fighting skills are fundamentally important. One of the vital components of the martial art is to develop the body, awesome power, speed, and striking precision, but not only or just the body.

With time you will create self-confidence and self-esteem. You will be comfortable in any environment. You will walk with your head held high, not because you're the baddest or toughest person in the neighborhood, but because you possess self-confidence. Martial artists strive to become affable, empathetic and helpful.

Ever since childhood we have been fighting to conquer food, a toy, friends, college, work, social status, well-being, traquility and wisdom.

We are constantly under attack when others try to take our attention away from our goals or when they try to overtake and dominate us. In some cases, even our personal security is at stake, but we have the skills and techniques to defend ourselves in whatever the situation.

Well, Martial Arts teaches us how to deal with all that. It improves our capacity to analyze, to reason, to improve our physical and mental abilities, which increases our self esteem, because we are in constant growth and improvement. At last, training provides an uncomparable well-being, making us more confident, and lets us acquire calm and patience in our actions all of which lead to success.

In real martial art there is no such a thing as the latest equipment, or a academy with a fancy-looking and tournaments are not that important. If you have the knowledge, skills and self-confidence you know who you are and what you are capable of, why would you care about what people think of you?

This is a tradition at Sino Canadienne, a school that transmits the true art through masters of clear and pure lineage, in exactly the way that knowledge should be passed on.