Académie Sino-Canadienne de Kung Fu


Welcome to the Sino Canadienne website,
On this site you will discover the peculiarities of the kung fu martial art, but much more than just its history or styles.

Our objective is to introduce you to our school, the styles we transmit in a simple and traditional way, and all of it told with no myths.

Representing Grand Master Chan Kowk Wai in Canada, I teach the Northern Shaolin School styles, Seven-stars praying mantis, Choy Li Fat (Hung Sing), Tai Chi Chuan (Yang) and Hsing I.

Besides the practice of kung fu at the academy we also provide a forum for the discussion of the different philosophies in martial arts, or simply to answer any question you may have, whether you are a student or a visitor to the site.

Feel free to contact us here or come visit us at the academy. Come in for a cup of tea with us.

Good practice to all !!!

Flavio Nahas